Balcony barbecue believed to have sparked devastating Gold Coast house fire

A Gold Coast home has been destroyed by a massive fire started by a barbecue that reportedly caught alight on the balcony.

A balcony barbecue is believed to have started a fire that destroyed a Gold Coast home.

The residents of the Reedy Creek home, a mum and her two kids, managed to escape and call emergency services at about 6pm last night, according to reports. It’s believed the fire originated from the barbecue and quickly got out of hand and spread throughout the home.

Fire crews, including seven fire trucks and the Queensland Ambulance Service, attended the massive blaze and were able to contain it so it didn’t jump to neighbouring properties.

“It was pretty intense from when we got here … We could see it from Bermuda Street at Broadbeach, so that’s how intense it was,” said Mark Bennetts, Surfers Paradise station officer.

“(The houses) were very close, so they did a very good job of saving those. There was no fire damage there.”

Concerned neighbours came out into the street in their pyjamas and watched the devastating fire from the front lawn.

Photos from today show the gutted house with few remaining external walls and a charred interior.

No one was injured during that night’s fire.

Article by Phoebe Loomes – – Source Link