With our mobile team of highly skilled and qualified technicians and apprentices, Air Boar offers HVAC-R service and maintenance in South East Queensland. Utilizing the latest industry technology, we are able to maintain all aspects of HVAC systems in the commercial sector in a timely and professional manner.

Providing dedicated account managers, a local call centre, and online portal access means that we are able to offer you the most convenient service available.

Discuss all your maintenance requirements with one of our account managers to help to formulate the right maintenance programme for your building.


As a specialist in whole building essential services testing and asset management, Boar Group ensures that all equipment is documented, well maintained, and ready to operate at any time.

Smoke management is crucial to the safe evacuation of the building during a fire. As part of the building design many different concepts are incorporated to ensure the safety of occupants, regular testing ensures that these safety measures are still effective throughout the life of the building.

Air Boar will ensure all aspects of the smoke management systems are documented and that routine maintenance checks are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 1851.

Boar group can schedule and coordinate the entire process to ensure that all fire protection systems are completed.

Our online portal provides all reports in one easy to follow format. Having all life (fire) safety systems documented in the same format makes audits and presenting the information much easier.


With an emphasis on practical solution and exceptional attention to detail, Air Boar values the importance of quality design, working closely with clients and consultants to ensure system performance exceeds expectations.

When it comes to replacing equipment or installing new systems, Air Boar prides itself on its ability to solve complex problems while being committed to the needs of their customers and minimising disruption in order to get the job done.

Our team can provide you with a competitive quote for the repair of your HVAC systems if they are not functioning properly or have stopped working altogether.

The team at Air Boar understands that businesses are constantly changing and adapting to market conditions in order to remain competitive. Take us along on your journey and let us handle all your alterations and upgrades to the air conditioning systems of your building, resulting in a great working environment.

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